What? Another adaptation of Frankenstein? Hasn’t that been done? Yes. But not one of those other movies has come close to the book and what is special about it. Did you know that the 1931 Karloff film wasn’t even based on the book? It was based on a stage play.And nearly every film since has been a remake of, or a reaction to, that one. So I jettisoned them all and returned to the source.What I found is much more than the story of the brilliant young man overcome by his own hubris. It is also very much the Creature’s story.The Creature isn’t a monster; he is an abandoned child - who never even gets the dignity of having a name. Far from the grunting oaf who has lumbered across screens for decades, he is articulate, persuasive, and an avid reader of classic literature, blessed with tremendous speed and agility. Mary Shelly wrote a lot of wonderful emotional and visual material that has just never, ever made it to the screen. Almost as if she knew this would happen, she thoughtfully equipped the book with a spare title. I invite you to clear your mind and experience The Modern Prometheus

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