Voice Demo Reel


Working with Craig has been a tremendous experience. He has taken three of my books and brought them to life, far exceeding my expectations for them. He was excellent to work with throughout the entire process, helping me improve my product by passing on any errors he found. If you are looking for an audio book producer, Craig is the one to select!

Chris Kennedy, Author, Jannisaries, When the Gods Aren't Gods, and the soon to be released Terra Stands Alone.


Audiobook demo samples

Movie and Television samples


Clips of Craig Good as the voice of the Lt. Colonel in the PTSD flashback scenes from White Rabbit. Used with permission.


I narrated this mini-documentary that was made for Vanity Fair. Used with permission

I narrated the mini-documentary inside the documentary, "Ready, Set, Bag!" See www.readysetbag.com for information about the film.