Visual Storytelling in a Nutshell

Yes, it's been a while. Finally settled into the new digs, and with some interesting projects going, few of which I'm at liberty to discuss.

But one of them is developing an online course in Cinematic Storytelling for Kadenze. It got me looking for examples, good and bad, of visual storytelling. And, boy, did I find a couple.

This is purported to be the "funniest scene ever" from Friends. I want you to watch it, but with the sound turned off.

Do you have any idea what the scene was about? What the goals were for any of the characters? What was at stake? Was it even remotely funny?

Now watch this — again, with the sound turned off. And ask yourself the same questions.

It's hard to think of a more clear illustration of the maxim, show, don't tell.