Risotto alle Fragole

I like food. A lot. So, while this is not a cooking blog, do expect some culinary detours. 

This summer my daughter and I spent a couple of weeks in Florence. Just two nights before we left we discovered an amazing restaurant called Aqua al 2. There were a couple of dishes we had there that I wanted to try to duplicate. I spent a few months and several trials coming up with a blueberry sauce for Fileno al Mirtilio

Next up is Risotto alle Fragole, or Strawberry Risotto. I started with a recipe I found on line, but axed the celery right away. Seriously  — celery? This was not only my first attempt at that recipe, but my first attempt at making real risotto the stand-there-and-stir way.

It was pretty good. I'm going to dial down the butter (believe it or not) and use a bit more cheese on the next run.