The Maker

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy recording an audiobook called Hexesthe first title that will be fully recorded in my new home studio. There'll be a blog post soon about some of the many lessons I've learned from that project. I thought I had Hexes pretty well wrapped up, but on playback I realized that chapter 22 really kicked my ass. It's a big, complicated sequence with lots of character voices, and kicks off the third act – so it matters. I was not, to put it delicately, in good form when I recorded it. It's awful.

As painful as it is to throw away most of a day's work, I just can't release something like that.

But that's not what I really wanted to tell you about.

I am so in love with a short film I just found that I am going to promote someone else's work here. No idea how I missed it a couple of years ago. It's everything an animated short should be. It's beautiful and bizarre, looking a bit like a cousin of the Brothers Quay, yet fresh and original. The stop motion animation is flawless and subtle. The story is simple and moving. It's told at exactly the right pace, and for the right amount of time.

And the music. Oh, the music. It's divine. And important.

So get yourself to where you can watch this in high definition, with good sound. Crank it up.

And enjoy The Maker.