The Creaky Stairs

Earbud Theater just released The Creaky Stairs, a spooky, classic scare story written by Jared Rivet. This was my second chance to do the sound effects editing and mix on one of their episodes, and I had a blast doing it.

I must say, by way of unsolicited testimonial, that I couldn't have done it without iZotope software. I used RX 4 Advanced to clean up and shape all the dialogue, and seamlessly apply a 1.25 semitone pitch up to the voices of our actresses, making them really sound like young boys. The Alloy 2 and Nectar 2 plugins gave me lots of control over the sound of all the voices, and Alloy's transient shaping let me sculpt the sound of spooky footsteps.

I was also quite pleased with how my Zoom H6 recorder worked out. I grabbed city and playground ambiences, and recorded most of the footstep foley in the episode, and it performed wonderfully.

My thanks to Casey Wolfe and Jared Rivet for the chance to work on a really fun episode. You can listen to it via iTunes or directly from the Earbud Theater site.

Grab your best headphones. Or, if you have a speaker system with good bass extension, turn down the lights and crank up the volume.