The Seventh Angel - Coming to an earbud near you

I'm excited to announce that I've just started production on the audiobook of Jeff Edwards' military thriller, The Seventh Angel. Expect a lot of authenticity: Jeff didn't just research the Navy well, he actually served in it, doing ASW. He's been a dream so far, even sending me a pronunciation guide for the foreign words and nautical slang I'll encounter in the book. Back when Pixar made television commercials we could only dream of a client who understood how long it takes to do things.

He joked that I should read the whole thing in the Star Command voice from Toy Story that you can hear on my reel. To date our only disagreement has been about how many minutes it would take for the listeners' eyes to bug out.

I'll be recording the narration with a very experienced engineer at Live Oak Studio in Berkeley, located temptingly near the Gourmet Ghetto. The project has already given me the excuse to get my pastrami and pickles fix at Saul's.

The book will be released on Audible, probably very early next year. Expect updates as the project progresses. My experience at ACX has, so far, been very pleasant. I'll no doubt blog about that more at length after the book ships.

Ships. See what I did there?

Try the veal.