Sixteen Hours Before The Mic

A certain Neumann U-87 and I have spent a lot of time together at the studio over the last couple of weeks. This next Monday, December 30th, we'll reunite briefly to put the final touches on recording The Seventh Angel. That's kept me busy enough to not update the blog in a while. Expect more pearls of wisdom and tales of derring-do during the holiday break.

I just finished reading The Ship That Would Not Die, the true story of the USS Laffey, which was attacked by more Kamikaze aircraft than any ship in history: Twenty in one day. The uncle of a good friend of mine was on board for that battle, and lived to tell the tale.

Between that and the thriller I just read to my friend the U-87 I must say that I'm content to be peacefully writing and narrating from terra firma rather than enduring combat on a warship. It sounds terrifying.